Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Statement on Recent Leak of Confidential Data

It is a matter of concern that confidential Zodiac Station scientific data has been published without our consent on a third-party website.

The data, which relates to ongoing studies of climate variation, was published on the website of the Planet Climate Action (PCA) group. PCA is well known as a campaigning organisation sceptical of global warming and human-induced climate change.

Contrary to PCA's assertions, the data does not show evidence of a marked slowing in climate change, nor that Zodiac staff used any untoward methods to 'hide' this 'evidence' with statistical trickery.

We have contacted PCA repeatedly asking them to remove the data from their servers, and to inform us how they obtained it. At the time of writing, they have not responded to our requests. We will pursue all avenues, including legal options, to gain redress.

Dr Francis Quam, Base Commander of Zodiac Station, said, 'Scientific progress depends on the free and open pursuit of knowledge. This leak strikes at the heart of the trust which is the foundation of scientific endeavour, and of the Zodiac Station community. We have launched a rigorous internal enquiry to discover how these confidential data were leaked, and will prosecute the culprits to the utmost of our ability. Any Zodiac personnel found to have been involved will be summarily removed from the station.'

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